Mixing and Production


At Synthesis Sound, it is my goal to work with artists to help their music reach its highest potential.

As a professional producer, composer, recording engineer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer, I can meet the specific needs of artists through the entire production process.

Synthesis Sound is a world-class facility equipped with a collection of world-class analog & digital music production tools. Synthesis Sound is certified for immersive audio mixing & mastering in the Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio formats.
I have had the pleasure of producing, mixing and mastering music for artists from around the world and I look forward to the opportunity to work together on your music.

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  • Justin is the best producer I've ever worked with. He quickly understands what needs to be done, ensures a solid and viable plan is in place, and then gets right to it. He makes everyone comfortable and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Justin will always find the time to make things work. Tamar Ilana
  • Justin has built a beautiful, quiet, creative space, and filled it with powerful gear. Carefully selected microphones and preamps of all flavours, coupled with a passionate nerdiness for pristine capture, he always gets great sounds. Ed Hanley
  • Aside from Justin's great ears and being well-versed in numerous musical forms from around the globe, his open-mindedness and desire to learn make him very easy to work with — offering an excellent engineer if not musical collaborator. Larry Graves
  • Justin Gray co-produced the 2019 Los Variants CD "O Passeio". From pre-production to mastering, Justin was essential in helping me realize my musical vision and to the end product sounding fantastic. Working with Justin was a pleasure! His attention to detail, being prepared and on time, made him THE best producer/engineer choice for my multi-genre project. Justin was able to garner the best performances from all of the musicians and his musical knowledge was indispensable during the recording process. I look forward to the next session with Justin! Vince Maccarone
  • The process of mixing an album is always a delicate balance of clarifying ideas, polishing rough edges, and finding ways to enhance what has been recorded. Throughout the mixing of my latest album, Justin expertly played many different roles; mixologist, cheerleader, therapist, and master craftsman, and helped to shape the project in its final steps into a cohesive and clear sound, even better than I'd imagined. He also shared his talents to master the album, using both his exceptional ear and incredible range of tools and tricks to make it sound pristine. The breadth and quality of his work to date on leading musicians' projects speaks to his mixing and mastering skills, and it's clear that he approaches everything with the fine-tuned ear of a musician, talented technician, and a lover of music. Steven Taetz
  • Justin Gray is a rare find. His calm, compassion and ease while attending to challenges paired with his virtuosic musicianship and years of experience in diverse projects, make him the perfect person to guide an album through the process of production. He made the whole experience (of creating a new album) a pleasure, and, most importantly, the music sounds divine. Aviva Chernick
  • Justin has experience in a wide variety of musical styles, from jazz to pop to world to film soundtrack and sound design. As a producer, he brings project planning, writing, arranging, recording, editing, mixing and mastering to the table. From conception through to a final master, he has a unique skill set to make a project of any size happen. Ed Hanley
  • Justin Gray brings a knowledge of sound and music that is both deep and wide to his craft. His attention to sonic detail combined with immense talent and truly world class gear deliver stunning results that need to be heard to be truly appreciated. Having worked with Justin in a number of capacities I can also say that he is always a pleasure to work and communicate with. Highly Recommended! Shawn Rompre