Bass Veena

The Bass Veena was invented by bassist Justin Gray and built and co-designed by renowned Canadian luthier, Les Godfrey. The Bass Veena is a hybrid fretless bass, which draws inspiration from North Indian stringed instruments, primarily the Sarode and Rudra Veena. The Bass Veena features 4 main playing strings, 2 drone (chickari strings), and a 10 string short-scale harp. This instrument was conceived and built during a period of time when Justin lived in Kolkata, India, studying Hindusthani classical music.

Currently, Justin performs on Bass Veena with artists from around the world in traditional and contemporary settings. He composes original music for the Bass Veena, which he performs with his ensemble Justin Gray & Synthesis.

Justin Gray & Synthesis (trio) — Serenity
Justin Gray & Synthesis (with string quartet) — New Horizons

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